The vision of Ore Investments is to integrate and promote ESG practices and sustainability into all facets of our firm through implementing environmentally responsible practices throughout every level of our business, including invested companies and Projects.


Ore Investments acknowledges and believes that effective environmental management is paramount to a successful future. To promote our commitment to Environmental Management, Ore Investments adopts several ESG Policies, Controls and Procedures, which covers, among others, the commitments to:


Comply with all corporate requirements, environmental legislation, licenses and regulations; 


Develop and maintain a comprehensive and effective Environmental Management System to maintain a sustainable environmental focus; 


Integrate the highest level of environmental consideration, strive to employ the best environmental management practices of the industry, and foster mutually beneficial environmental partnerships in all phases of our operations; 


Instill a behavior of primary environmental performance responsibility in each person involved in our operations; 


Evaluate the environmental risks and implement the appropriate controls.