About Us

Brazil is a Natural Resources Country. With a +200 million population, the 5th largest territorial area and the 9th World GDP, Brazil has a deep vocation for mining and is constantly among the top 10 global producers of some of the main mineral commodities.


Brazilian mining industry has a big concentration of production on major companies heavily focused on ferrous metals. The presence of limited foreign based junior companies and traditional small to mid-size family companies usually with low access to capital and non-professional management creates an environment of opportunities in high growth and mid-size projects.


Such opportunities rarely surface to outside investors, thus providing unique and attractive risk – reward proposition to investment groups with a physical presence and deep understanding of Brazilian mining environment.


Ore Investments is an independent private equity fund manager founded and managed by Brazilians, focused on mining in Brazil, that combines capital with deep technical, managerial and financial expertise and a vast reach in the Brazilian mining sector.